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Knife The Symphony / Swear Jar


Knife The Symphony
1. The President’s Victory Speech
2. Woolly Mammoth
3. The Crown

Swear Jar
4. Fight Song
5. Sweat Stings
6. Take Care
7. Picture Locket
8. Cotton Gin

Total Running Time: 33 min : 32 sec

Vinyl LP includes MP3 download

Knife The Symphony
Tracked at Million Yen Studios, Chicago, Illinois with Jeff Dean, November, 2011. Additional recording by Andy Perkins at The Litter Box in Northern Kentucky, Winter, 2012. Mixed by Andy Perkins at The Litter Box Spring/Summer, 2012. Additional vocals by Drew Bogner. Additional percussion by Jerry Dirr.

Swear Jar Side
Swear Jar recorded their tracks to tape for zero dollars in the home of an unsuspecting vacationing family. Vocals and overdubs were then recorded later in the basement of an unsuspecting woman as she went on vacation. Long story short, if you go on vacation, Swear Jar will make a record inside your house.

Vinyl pre-mastering by Carl Saff. Cut for vinyl by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service.

Release Date: Spring 2013

(c) & (p) 2012 Phratry Records, LLC