Shorty - guitar
Nick Thompson - vocals
Tim Amberosius - guitar
Jon Goodridge - drums
Mike Baker - bass, vocals

Hometown - Cincinnati, Ohio

An eclectic, spastic and aggressive mix of progressive rock and punk, Arms Exploding possess an unsurpassed intensity and musicality. The technical, emotional and experimental elements of their songwriting prove their confidence as individual musicians and as as a band. While comparisons to The Mars Volta, The Refused and Genesis with Peter Gabriel may be valid, Arms Exploding is unaffected by trends and they aren’t directly influenced by anyone. They push well beyond the status quo and never limit the scope of their compositions.

Arms Exploding started playing in the Summer of 2005. The band members’ fluid chemistry with each other (perhaps the result of friendships spanning a decade) and with a live audience, was apparent from the start.


PTR 17 Arms Exploding/Caterpillar Tracks Split 7” (2009)
PTR 14 Ruminari (2008)