Tony Ciske - bass
Chris Chuzles - vocals
Kevin DeMars - drums
Kris Endicott - guitar, vocals

Hometown - Milwaukee, WI

Although the band possesses a dreamy, shimmering quality, Disguised As Birds have built their sound on a foundation of explosively heavy rock with frequent comparisons to Shiner, Regulator Watts, Jawbox, Shipping News and Juno. Disguised As Birds unquestionably has the vibe of a classic rock band. In spirit, if not in incessant riffing, they pack a great deal of soul into every measure of every tune. The band has been touring off and on throughout the MidWest for years. Influenced by all things rock and roll, art, and the often cold and bleak environment in which they live, this is a band that can pummel, sprint and soar.

PTR 31 Black Circles / New Demons Double EP (2011)
PTR 19 New Demons EP (2010)

Other Releases
Seeds (2008)
Disguised As Birds (2006)