Toby Weiss - bass
Rick McCarty - drums
Mike Montgomery - vocals, guitar

Hometown - Cincinnati, Ohio

A writer and poet, one of the greats, once scribed, “Anybody can be a non-drunk, it takes something special to be a drunk, it takes endurance.” In the very fickle world of indie rock, (and I mean INDEPENDENTLY operating rock bands) endurance is a characteristic in short supply.

Thistle have consistently made music that adheres to a principle unknown to the mainstream industry. Playing together since 1994, the trio has released numerous albums and EPs but they have always strived for quality over quantity. This is a band that works deliberately, every note ringing with meaning and purpose. Locked inside the chassis of a pop song stand towering walls of volume and euphoric blooms of melody similar to Dinosaur Jr.‘s tenure with SST Records in the 1980’s.

Thistle has spent the better part of the last fifteen years touring and a large chunk of time has been spent constructing and wiring their own recording studio, Candyland (Cincinnati, OH). The studio serves as an invaluable and positive contribution to the tireless music community in the Cincinnati scene. Nearly every band in the area has made at least one record at Candyland, which now serves as home base to the band and to countless other musicians.

The death knoll of the DIY ethic is premature. There are bands out there working hard to keep the blood flowing to its often under-nourished heart. With Thistle still creating music full of passion, leaving everything they have in the wake of every chord, the independent spirit has a fighting chance. It too will endure.


PTR 15 The Small Hours LP (2008)

Other Releases
The Small Hours - CD Version (Tiberius Records, 2008)
Beneath the Antlers (Tiberius Records, 2006)
Organelle / Various Artists (Tiberius Records, 2004)
Tired Anchor (Tiberius Records, 2003)
Oxygen EP (Tiberius Records, 2001)
Sea Legs (Tiberius Records, 2000)
Tremble Kisser (Tiberius Records, 1997)