Hometown - Portland, Oregon

The work of Lauren Kathryn Newman has been compared to PJ Harvey, Hendrix, Mary Timony and Led Zeppelin. In some cases these comparisons may ring true, but Lauren is entirely original in her writing. She approaches music with more of an old-school, “anything goes” punk credo—much like the Minutemen before her. Forget about trying to classify it. When it comes to Lauren’s music, it’s all about a state of mind.

On album, LKN is one woman writing and playing all music and instruments. She is also a session drummer, audio engineer (live/studio) and permanent member of the improvisational metal duo Palo Verde. However, when performing her solo material live, LKN is Lauren on drums, guitar and vocals with a host of guests on instruments—usually in the form of a power trio. The current trio features Terrica Kleinknecht (Palo Verde) on drums and guitar, and Bobby Dezfulli on bass guitar.

Lauren began drumming in punk bands in her hometown of Pensacola, Florida at the age of 15. She began writing songs at 18 and started 4-tracking (on all instruments) 3-5 songs a day for 5 years. When she first began writing music, Lauren said she wanted to write what she wanted to hear but what no one else was doing. The first incarnation of this was StellaMarie, which began as 4-track recordings and became a touring band that lasted four years. She then changed the name to her initials, LKN in 2002.

In addition to her solo work, Lauren continues to play drums in other bands including Palo Verde and Les Tresvinos—both of Portland, Oregon—and she drummed for Bellini in the Northwest on their Fall 2005 tour. When in Florida, she drums for GGJOE and Lauren occasionally drums in a free jazz, spazz project with Ryne Warner (Ohioan, Ghost To Falco) and sax god, Ben Hartman (Old Time Relijun).

Lauren toured the United States extensively between 2001 and 2007. She’s played many festivals including SXSW and Ladyfest (originating in Olympia, WA in 2000). She has four albums out on Greyday Productions (Portland, OR). In 2008, Lauren began working with Phratry Records to re-issue her second full-length, Postulate II, as a limited edition vinyl LP.

Lauren is a restless, tireless, driven, passionate performer and musician. And as one woman, she manages to accomplish a full sound that is more complete than most bands could ever hope to achieve.


PTR 24 LKN/Knife The Symphony Split (2010)
PTR 11 Postulate II LP (2008)
PTR 11.5 Phratry EP (2008)

Other Releases
Postulate II-CD Version (Grey Day Records, 2007)
Postulate I (Grey Day Records, 2006)
January, 2005 - 10 Songs (Grey Day Records, 2005)
In the Leap Year (Grey Day Records, 2004)