Arnaud Mailler - guitar, vocals
Matthieu Herrou - bass, vocals
Loic Le Bihan - drums, vocals

Hometown - Clermont ferrand, France

Atomic Garden isn’t about selling you the next well-marketed “revolution.” They aren’t going to tell you how they will start a new era in modern music. They are just three music-obsessed people who like to make music on their own with dedication and sincerity. Since the band’s beginnings in 2000, the trio has grown up and matured under the influence of their older British godfathers, Mega City Four and Therapy? as well as their American cousins, Samiam and Foo Fighters. Atomic Garden has played hundreds of shows from small bars to bigger venues in France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. In August 2009, the band embarked on a two week tour through the Southern region of the USA with Ampline (Phratry). Atomic Garden adheres deeply to a DIY ethic, running two indie labels, a fanzine, other musical projects and setting up gigs for touring bands in their hometown. Atomic Garden isn’t about posing and pretending, they only want to share their view on melodic high-energy guitar-driven indie rock.


PTR 18 Ampline/Atomic Garden Split 7” (2009)

Other Releases
Little Stories About Potential Events (RMA / Slow Death / Ritornello, 2009)
Atomic Garden / Ipanema Split 7” (Dumb Inc. / Boss Tuneage, 2007)
Reversing The Curse (Dumb Inc. / Teddybear, 2006)