Kelley Deal - vocals, bass, key noises
Mike Montgomery - guitar, vocals
Kristian Svitak - drums, vocals, key noises

Hometown - Dayton, Ohio / San Diego, California / Cincinnati, Ohio

In 2011, skateboard company 1031 Skateboards (Milwaukee, WI) began to collect videos featuring its riders from years past and re-release them through the company’s You Tube channel. However, the re-release of pro rider Kristian Svitak’s part from Destroy Everything Now (88 Footwear, 2004) proved to be problematic. The video contained the song Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA by DEVO from their brilliant sophomore album, Duty Now for the Future (Warner Bros, 1979) and as a result, it was removed by Warner Bros. Not to be discouraged, Svitak, also a member of San Diego’s The Heartaches (Swami Records), enlisted the help of friends Kelley Deal of The Breeders and Mike Montgomery of Ampline to record a version of the song while on a trip back home to the MidWest. The result is the extended video re-edit by Adam Kure released in 2012. The soundtrack, by Kelley Deal featuring Kristian Svitak and Mike Montgomery, is available as a digital single through Phratry Records.

In 2011 Mike Montgomery and Kelley Deal also formed the band R Ring. Their debut is set for release on Misra Records in 2012.


PTR37 Mr. DNA (Single, 2012)