BJ - drums
Erik ZDP - bass, vocals
Sorry - guitar, vocals

Hometown - Cincinnati, OH

Depending on where you are standing in the room, Gazer is either a rock band, a post-punk band, a hardcore band, or a noise band. They favor volume and the prickly and nimble stuff. People tend to take a few steps back when they start playing. Gazer isn’t too concerned with whether or not you can understand their strangulated vocalists, but if you care to delve further, you’ll find songs about profound fear and shame, chronic illness and chronic depression, and the limitations of their sad human bodies alongside more outwardly lashing material. With whiplash transitions, furious bass groans, and desperate needlepoint guitar pleas, Gazer is aggressive without the sacrifice of intelligence, unsettling without fishing for shocks. It’s post-punk at a hardcore tempo; Devo meets Dropdead.


PTR46 Fake Bulbs / Phone Commercial (2014)