“...Toronto’s Shanks can’t sneak up on anyone anymore as a not minimal drums/bass/vocals duo. Ian Starkey might be Canada’s answer to Jean-Jacques Burnel and Lemmy Kilmister in his heavy-nasty bass crush; so much so, that once again, you’d swear there’s a (phantom!) guitarist playing, too. And despite his speakers-packing blizzard and Jody Brumell cymbals-mashing big drumming—a crackling-harsh sound Steve Albini would favor—the anthemic melodies such as the instantly great “When We Come“ (!) and “Get Cut Tonight“ and “Step By Step“ are quite poptastic, as Starkey’s strong, clear crooning forges counterpoint catchy ear treats throughout. Original/indie/uncompromising/loud? Yes! But not shy of honest to goodness songs!”

“…[the Shanks] play hard rock/indie like Motorhead and Two Gallants, also classic 70s arena rock. Clear songs with dirty attitude”
—ROLLING STONE (German Edition)

“…catchy and ridiculously grooving songs like “When We Come“ do their part to make sure that “Surfing The Lexicon“ will be imprinted on your cerebral cortex for the foreseeable future…[the Shanks] create something truly original, something that’s never been there before…expect great things of The Shanks.”

If you like the Dead Boys, you’ll like the SHANKS… Chart-blasting two-piece rocknroll grenades for animal husbandry enthusiasts… do you really know where meat and potatoes come from?”

“Deep, hard-driving rock that carries the listener along with a dark but captivating style“

“The Shanks’ classics-influenced Rock & Roll rumble draws all of its power and thunder from just two musicians… creates a whirling dervish of Rock sounds with distorted bass and expansive drumming but more resembles a thunderous, modern-day Blue Oyster Cult (mixed with a little Johnny Thunders swagger)”

“…If you believed at the beginning this was a rock band schooled in the sound of the 1990’s, it’s followed by college rock, indie rock and towards the end even psychedelia. All played very convincingly and casually, they tear down the boundaries. Nice work, gentlemen!”

“…while making the most of their reduced orchestration. Using vocals, bass and drums, they throw a wide net that would catch fans of Queens of the Stoneage, Led Zeppelin and Budgie in the expansive web. What’s hot and how! 8/10”