Jesse DeCaire - drums
Matt Bullock - bass
Sycamore Smith - guitar, vocals
Jim Bellmore - guitar, voices
Emily Durkin - violins

Hometown - Marquette, Michigan

The Redettes are a rock-n-roll trio from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Their debut album, Ed was released Spring, 2011. It has seven songs:

“Jackie Oasis” is a tribute to British pop music—some Weird and Gilly returned with thanks. “The Undertaker Smile” is about the dark side of looking on the bright side. “Up To My Earballs”... we know not what it means. “Looking Down” is about the bright side of looking on the dark side. “The Bounce The Ball And The Bulge” includes a four-line retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart. The lyric of “The Brothers Ape” is based on the words to an 18th century Irish folk song. The music is based on the sound of an 18-wheeler hitting an Irish folk band. “Rang-A-Tang” is what happens when you write a song after watching a Snapped marathon on T.V.

For fans of: The Only Ones, The Replacements, The Libertines

PTR 33 Ed