David Huster - drums
Mitchell Watson - bass
Jerome Westerkamp - guitar, vocals

Hometown - Cincinnati, Ohio

The Read (pronounced, red) was a socially conscious punk/dance/post-punk band. Their music consisted of a solid rhythm section and frantic, gritty, angular-guitars and sing-alongs. While comparisons to Gang Of Four, The Jam, Q & Not U or Black Flag (whether philosophically or stylistically) are certainly valid, the band’s sound/approach was never the direct result of any singular influence.

Touring weeks at a time for several years, The Read were avid proponents of underground networking and truly alternative, All Ages art and music venues. Their own “Bike Haus” loft located in Cincinnati, Ohio served as their home as well as a bimonthly music venue hosting bands from across the country for a number of years. The Read was a band concerned with inclusion, crowd participation and making a connection.


PTR 16 The Read 7”