Evan Potila - drum kit
Justin Worsham - guitar, voice
Jesse DeCaire - guitar, drum kit, voice

Hometown - Marquette, Michigan

The musical identity of SÄH was developed for many years in the relative isolation of a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where all three members grew up and have known each other since they were kids. In spite of this isolation, or rather, because of it, the members of Sah were able to forge and tinker, use and discard at will-experimenting and developing their music without a lot of the trappings and distractions of life in a bustling metropolitan.

Once you hear Sah, the obvious question you’ll have is, “What the hell are these guys influenced by?” Glenn Branca? Sabbath? DC hardcore? It’s really hard to develop a new musical personality and take rock music in a new direction these days, but Sah is doing just that. Sah is a blunt, drum-army and a beautiful, atmospheric string-section all at once. The sound is a perfect balance of spontaneity and premeditation, simplicity and complication, beauty and brutality, looseness and stop-on-a-dime tightness. It’s dark, optimistic, beautiful, ugly, sad, tribal and classical all at once.


PTR 07 06/06 (2007)

Other Releases
11/03 (Self-Satisfied Records, 2003)
10/02 (Self-Satisfied Records, 2002)
10/01 (Self-Satisfied Records, 2001)