Jerry Dirr - drum kit, percussion
Robyn Roth - bass, percussion, strings, vocals
Robert Steven Billups - guitar, vocals, percussion, keyboards

Hometown - Cincinnati, Ohio

Theraphosa didn’t have a van and they never toured. During their short time together, the group wrote and recorded one full-length album entitled, blondi. Two songs from the ablum were featured on the soundtrack to the film, Lifeguard (Cinemapath Pictures, Chicago). The band’s follow-up was their swan song, “Leviathan” which appeared on a compilation album titled, Organelle (Tiberius Records, 2004).

Therphosa’s blondi was an attempt to capture both the energy of a live performance as well as the band’s eagerness to experiment with sound, overdubs and arrangement. Pounding rhythm and percussion was the foundation on which violent, but often beautiful, atmospheric changes were built. The band worked to capture spontaneous, specific moments in time and combine them with detailed editing. Theraphosa’s sound was an avant-garde mixture of tribalism and uneasy melody. Some have described the sound as ‘indie’ or ‘art-rock’ but the most welcome description of all was that it was ‘different.’

In an effort to keep the music alive, Phratry Records picked up Theraphosa’s blondi LP in 2004. The album is currently available as a digital-only release.


SYST01 blondi

Other Releases
Organelle / Various Artists (Tiberius Records)
Lifeguard Soundtrack (Cinemapath Pictures)