CJ Molvaini - guitar
Brian Yankou - cello
Matt Peterson - guitar
Nate Landry - percussion
Steve Yankou - percussion
Geoff Duncanson - keyboard/percussion

Hometown - New York City

Blue Velvet is an instrumental sextet comprised of two electric guitarists, dual percussionists, a cellist and keyboardist. The music is organic—made by real people in real time—with no tricks, samples or loops; no distorted or processed guitars; no electric bass; and no standard-rock drum kit. With influences ranging from Tony Conrad, The Zombies, Velvet Underground and Philip Glass to The Ex, Lungfish and Shellac, the end result is an experimental, no-wave, post-rock, noisy sound that is minimal, repetitive, droning and abrasive.


PTR 05 Four Songs (2006)

Other Relases
Obsessive/Compulsive (BC Records, 2004)
Opening Music (BC Records, 2004)