“...[The Small Hours] is a brash, Dinosaur Jr.-inspired 11-song journey…”


“Thistle has long been a band that I’ve followed and adored. As one of the giant groups favored on one of my most loved indie labels, Tiberius Records which was formed by the fine gents in the band, Thistle nurses a sound that is similar to the Athens, GA rock sound of the ’90s. The Small Hours finds the group embracing a cognizant approach to guitar-centric indie rock with experimental soundscapes building up to a crescendo throughout. From a mixing perspective, this is one of the more interesting albums I’ve heard a rock group produce this year. Thistle proves that despite a lengthy timeline they can still produce something fresh and expansive.”


“Thistle is an indie rock band with definite emo undertones and an unabashed affection for upbeat pop. ...put on the headphones and give this three-piece from Cincinnati a listen. If anything, you can appreciate the quality of the recording—it sounds like you’re in the studio with them.”


“[The Small Hours] comes across as more HEAVY at times than what they have released in the past but not dropping what makes them…them. I get a vibe from this CD that speaks a mixture of Seaweed and Dinosaur Jr. which is actually an awesome mix if you think about it. Thistle has always been creative, and on this one, the songs are almost like, each one after the next, was almost just one big long story separated by chapters that we call songs… A great release from a great band that is always moving forward and staying true to their roots…”