We are excited to announce the release of the Phratry Records documentary from Argo One Prodcutions simply titled, Phratry. Cincinnati’s CityBeat Magazine has called Phratry Records “one of the best modern independent record labels in the region”. Through live footage and interviews spanning the last fifteen years, this movie documents the makings of a truly independent record label and the diversity of the artists it represents. The Phratry catalog boasts nearly 60 releases to date, including albums from FOOD, featuring ed fROMOHIO of fIREHOSE (SST Records / Columbia Records), The Full Counts, featuring members of Gumball (Columbia Records), and many more from across the US / EU / CAN. Watch the new teaser trailer below.

The premiere screening will be held at The Southgate House Revival in Newport, KY with performance after the movie by Phratry artists The Full Counts, Maple Stave, Nonagon, Ampline, Sleepcrawler (ex-State Song) and Mad Anthony. The show is all ages and costs only $5! Click HERE for full event listing and to order advanced tickets.