APERIODIC (Brooklyn / Chicago / Dayton) is a meeting of Noise and Free Jazz with elements of No Wave, Musique Concrète, and Hardcore. In addition to standard western instruments they utilize world instruments such as gu qin, rudra veena, and surbahar to create freely improvised music. The end result is free, but not aimless. Guitars shift between angular riffing and textural lilt, elastic drumming, and a multi-directional low end. Not surprisingly, Aperiodic doesn’t quite sound like any other group, despite the fact that they currently share members with HOLY FUCK (Young Turks/XL/Beggars Group) and THE EXPONENTIAL and previously shared members with ENON (Touch & Go Records), A TEN O’ CLOCK SCHOLAR (Grass Records) and LAB PARTNERS. Future Feedback was recorded and mixed to tape by label-mate Shane Chaney of Swear Jar in Cincinnati, Ohio and mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.

Future Feedback is available for streaming through Aperiodic’s Bandcamp page and you can checkout the band live this Fall, including record release shows at The Cake Shop in NYC and Rake’s End in Cincinnati.

Vinyl and CD will be available direct from Phratry starting September 25th. The album will also be available digitally through iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Wider distribution of vinyl, CD and digital to follow late October.

For more information on Future Feedback, and a brief history of Aperiodic, you can checkout a recent interview with drummer Matt Schulz for Los Cabos’ blog site.