It’s official. Fans of 1980s skate rock and 1990s alt-rock rejoice! The debut EP by FOOD (Pittsburgh, PA) featuring Ed “fROMOHIO” Crawford of fIREHOSE/SST Records, Eric Vermillion of Gumball and Mike Quinlan of The Cynics will be released on Phratry in early 2012. You can currently stream one song from this new release through our Audio page. More details about FOOD and their debut release coming soon!

Palo Verde Zero Hour LP & New Split Cassette


The official, wider release of Zero Hour by Palo Verde is set for late Fall/early Winter 2011 but you can currently order direct from this site.

In other news, Palo Verde just recently performed with Jucifer in Portland in celebration of their split-cassette release with Cinder Cone on Los Angeles based label Geweih Ritual Documents. The colored cassette comes wrapped in a beautiful, hand-made sleeve featuring five new songs from both Palo Verde and Cinder Cone. A download card is also included. You can stream audio from this newest release and/or purchase the cassette via BandCamp or at Geweih Ritual Documents online.