Palo Verde Zero Hour Pre-Order


Palo Verde Zero Hour full-length vinyl LP/CD/MP3 is now available for pre-order via Kickstarter.

Palo Verde (Portland, OR) is an all female, psychedelic/noise/sludge-rock duo comprised of Lauren K. Newman (LKN/Phratry) on drums and Terrica Kleinknecht on guitar. The band has been actively touring throughout the U.S. and Northwest since 2006. Their epic recording, Zero Hour was engineered by Christina Files (drummer for Victory At Sea and Mary Timony; recording engineer for Tara Jane O’Neil, Shipping news; live sound for Shellac) and will be available on Phratry this Summer.

In June, Phratry Records initiated an extremely humble, no-frills, Kickstarter campaign for this newest release by Palo Verde. For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it’s a site dedicated to the funding of various, artistic endeavors. It’s a backer/reward program where donations are met with rewards. The more you donate, the more you receive in return for your donation. Use Kickstarter to pre-order “Zero Hour” on vinyl, CD or MP3 and receive a savings of up to 17% off the direct mailorder price from Phratry Records. There are also upper tier rewards for individuals who wish to donate more to the project. Those rewards include additional vinyl and/or CD releases of your choice from the Phratry catalog included with your copy of “Zero Hour”.

Kickstarter works in conjunction with and all donations/payments are processed by Amazon. Backers pay ONLY if the project meets its goal by the campaign deadline. The deadline for this campaign is July 22nd.

Follow link above for more information on Kickstarter and the Palo Verde campaign. All pre-orders will ship in August.