Jason Jensen - drums
Bill Borowski - bass, vocals
Russell Emerson Hall - guitar, vocals

Hometown - Madison, Wisconsin

Precision Midwestern noise-rock delivered by populist theoreticians The United Sons Of Toil is a collective deeply rooted in the grinding noise and math rock that bubbled up from the Midwest during the mid 1990s. This is not to suggest that the Sons are a retro band in any sense, simply that the hoarse vocals, guitar damage, starts and stops, and sometimes-convoluted arrangements and time signatures hark back to a time when labels like Touch & Go, AmRep, and Dischord lorded over the indie-rock landscape. More recent comparisons to Young Widows and Helms Alee, with hints at Neurosis-style heaviness, could also be made.

In the shadow of the protests at the Wisconsin state capitol in March 2011, Phratry Records released the third album by The United Sons Of Toil titled, When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful. When The Revolution... is a record that tells a story of repression and violent struggle. An oppressed people who convince themselves that their revolutionary violence is justified, once in power, they become the oppressors and set the cycle in motion again. The underlying theme is that fundamental societal change can emerge only through radical individual change. The United Sons Of Toil believe that lyrics dealing with political subject matter must always relate to personal impact and the human condition.

Recommended if you like: 1990s-era Touch & Go, Amphetamine Reptile, and Dischord Records releases as well as more recent noise practitioners like Young Widows and Helms Alee, with hints at Neurosis-style heaviness.



PTR 30 When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful

Other Releases
United Sons Of Toil Vs. Lars Bang Larsen Split 7″ (Fidel Bastro, 2011)
Until Lions Have Their Historians, Tales Of The Hunt
  Shall Always Glorify The Hunter
(Flannel Jammies Music, 2008)
Hope Is Not A Strategy (Flannel Jammies Music, 2007)