St. Pistolwhip von Shankenstein XXVIII - bass, vocals
Colonel Crankshaft - drums, vocals, piano

Hometown - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Founded on a farm in Mono, Ontario, Canada, The Shanks are a blistering rock duo comprised of bass and drums. A combination of 1970s album-oriented rock and proto-punk, the Shanks belt-out melodic chordal arrangements amidst a sea of low end and pounding rhythms. It’s haunting, tribal arena-rock played on a basement floor.


PTR 41 Surfing The Lexicon

Other Releases
Digging Deep For Sewer Crowns full-length (Squirtgun Records, 2013)
Feel The Holes 7” EP (Broken Silence, 2012)
Skordalia full-length (2010)
The Dark Richard Show full-length (2010)
Welcome to the Camp of the Dark Meat Fantasy full-length (2009)
The Valley Of The Shadow Of The Shanks EP (2007)
Here Come The Shanks EP (2005)