Anna Eby - bells
Emily Durkin - violins
Rory Heikkila - guitars, leads
Dave Zeigner - bowed stand-up bass
Jim Bellmore - classical guitar, percussion
Jesse DeCaire - guitars, percussion, conducting, arranging

Hometown - Marquette, Michigan

Conceived in the often forgotten part of Michigan, the Upper Peninsula—with its lush forests, slower-paced lifestyle and noncompetitive atmosphere—composer Jesse DeCaire began recording music with friends in 2005 that would later end up on The Terminal Orchestra’s full-length release, The Seasons. What started as a studio outlet for making pastoral movie soundtrack music (for movies that haven’t been made yet) has since ballooned into a live, performing ensemble. Complete with strings and percussion, The Terminal Orchestra has as much in common with contemporary composers/performers such as Nick Cave & Warren Ellis and William Basinski as it does with Ennio Morricone and Igor Stravinksky


PTR 28 The Seasons

Other Releases
Three Songs (Self Release, 2008)