Dave Cupp - guitar
Matt Tomlinson - bass
Joe Suer - drums, percussion
Shane Johnson - gutiar, vocals
Jon Weidenbacher - bass, vocals (2003-2005)

Hometown - Cincinnati, Ohio

Caterpillar Tracks is a robust combination of punk, noise and rock. Brute, organic drumming and percussion provide the foundation for finely detailed, noise and coliseum-rock guitars. Subconscious urgency and sonic accidents are often recognized, captured and refined—expressed with a unique, honest immediacy and momentum. The band’s lyrics center around sociopolitical themes which are expressed in a consciously-subtle and abstract manner—just enough to get the listener to think, interpret and react.


PTR 27 Fallbreaker (2010)
PTR 17 Caterpillar Tracks/Arms Exploding Split 7” (2009)
PTR 08 Scrape The Summer (2007)
PTR 01 Caterpillar Tracks (2004)

Other Releases
Organelle / Various Artists (Tiberius Records, 2004)