Rick McCarty - drums, percussion
Mike Montgomery - guitar, vocals
Kevin Schmidt - bass

Hometown - Cincinnati, Ohio

Ampline’s most recent release marks a stark departure from their solely instrumental beginnings. Having initially enjoyed certain liberties in regards to song structure by not having to worry about framing music around traditional verses and choruses, the band eventually began to use the subtle presence of vocal snippets to help steer listeners’ thoughts. On You Will Be Buried Here (2010) that ‘subtle’ approach has been thrown out the window.

Seventeen tracks culled from two and a half years of writing and touring explore the interrelation of man, nature, industry and theology. From mine collapses to the labor movement, from Dos Passos to Tesla, the songs weave a narrative of death, decay, invention and ‘progress,’ metering the growing gulf between corporal and spiritual.


PTR 40 Ampline / Daikaiju Split 7” (2012)
PTR 23 You Will Be Buried Here (2010)
PTR 18 Ampline/Atomic Garden Split 7” (2009)

Other Releases
Rosary (Shake It Records, 2006)
Your Tongue Or Your Life (Tiberius Records, 2005)
Organelle / Various Artists (Tiberius Records, 2004)
The Choir (Tiberius Records, 2003)
Ampline / Roger That Houston Split EP (Sun Sea Sky, 2000)
Ampline (Self Release, 1999)